Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day Two at the Gym.

Well, woke up this morning and headed to the gym - yeah for me! I'm planning on sticking with this to the end, or at least until I fit back into my size 10's.

Today will be a bit more difficult, I have a lunch meeting and an after work function where pizza will be served - I'll have to stick with the fish to the end.

Weight today: 175.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Faltering stops now.

My schedule has been less than permitting for regular work out tactics. Late nights mean late mornings, early mornings mixed with late nights means fast food. I haven't even seen the inside of the gym for two weeks.

I decided it stops now. I keep making excuses, "I'd only be there for 20 minutes if I go now" is my latest, greatest and most favorite. I looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and wondered what happened to that cute girl with the kick butt collar bone and the chest that stayed up where it was supposed to? So I started working out again, work always says I can come in at 9:00 yet I insist on being there between 8-8:30. 9:00 doesn't make me a bad person, so from now on I will start at 9, but still get up like I was going to be there at 8.

The scale at the gym said I weighed 178 yesterday. I bought a scale for my apartment. Even if I never step on it, it will be a constant reminder of what I should be keeping in mind.

I bought fish and spinach and made it yesterday, divided into one helping servings so that my calories stayed down but I was eating healthy things. I bought water so when I am thirsty I don't go for the sugar wielding juice or the bottle of wine.

I went to the gym this morning - even though it was only 20 minutes, and I'm leaving for a lunch routine to get some weight work and light cardio done again.

I will own my self for once.