Monday, May 15, 2006

Calorie Count!

So today's count ...

Propel in AM - 25c
Peanutbutter sandwich for breakfast - 410 (ouch! should've looked before I ate)
Instant Lunch for lunch - 290 calories
Turkey sandwich - 220 calories

Total - 935 calories so far, looks like a light dinner!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today's Count

Not so good on the calorie count today ...

Special K - 150 calories
Cream of broccoli soup - 190 calories
Chicken Wrap - 400 calories (yikes!)
Mountain Dew - 170 calories (I think, forgot to look)

For dinner I will be having a SmartOnes frozen meal - total of 220 calories.

Total of 1130 ... Yeah 70 under!

Tonight I'm squishing the fat in a little pilates as well! :) That stuff makes you ache!

The War of the Weight.

I've been managing to count everything pretty regularly.

Yesterday was a little odd - we were at an expo all day which meant concession foods and trade show booths handing out candy and cookies. I managed to stick with my Special K in the morning, a piece of pizza (just cheese) for lunch, one cookie (I'm human - couldn't resist!), a couple cheese fries during a client meeting and a salad for dinner. Grand total for the day 1400. Not the 1200 that I was aiming for ...

But today is a new day. Had my Special K for breakfast, will eat noodles and veggies for lunch (though I am ridiculously craving a ceasar wrap...) and for dinner will probably have a salad of some sorts. We'll count as the day goes on. So far - 150 calories.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A New Day

So today starts the get thin program.

For breakfast I had Special K with skim milk - 150 calories.

I found that if I prepare things in cups, I'm not tempted to overfill so I can stick with the suggested serving size.

Today for lunch I should be having rice, veggies and shrimp - a total of 180 calories. I say should because the Aunts are in town and in the area, so we may have lunch at a restaurant, in which I will stick to a salad of sorts. :) Yeah! Calorie counting ...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bad. Bad. Bad.

I keep getting comments on my other blog and on this one about where I am and how I'm doing. The truth is, the recent life upheavel I've gone through has not been good for the dieting part of my life, but great for my mental state.

In the last two months, I have quit the job I hated and started the job I love. It is a miracle in that small changes can change your entire outlook. I was completely lost in why I was so miserable. Was it my weight? Not having a boyfriend? Living at home? Money? Lack of control over my life? Or was it my job? I kept trying to change the things in my life. I started losing weight, but that didn't make me deliriously happy. I tried dating, granted they weren't the best apples in the bushel, but I was trying and that left me with a Baby's Daddy's Girlfriend yelling at me (check out the Single in the City blog for more), I couldn't change living at home and being gone left me feeling like a bad cat mommy and led to more arguments about my place not being clean. Then, I quit my agency job.

I started working my new job and found that the cards started laying in place. I love my job and that's affected EVERYTHING. I like where I work, there is income potential more so then at the last place, I get paid to network which means I go out and meet decent people, because I am happy I don't feel miserable in my place. The bad part is happy glee has led to less of a focus on calorie intake and networking has led to consuming more coffee and drinks. Not working the old job means I don't have a free gym membership - so at this point I don't know how much I weigh, I just know it's more than two months ago.

Now that everything else is in order, it's time to start concentrating on me again. This blog will become active once more in my quest to conqueor my belly.