Monday, June 11, 2007

Getting back on track (AGAIN)

So the doc was finally able to give me a heads up on what's going on with my weight. After months and months of getting violently sick off of meat, working out like a dog and still gaining 3-4 pounds while restricting my calories I practically broke down in tears in her office.

I told her everyday was a struggle to not slip back into what I would know would work (ana/mia) and that my behavior was falling into the ana category already she finally tested me for a rare disorder called Cushings. Boom, there it was. Positive result. One prescription of three pills a day is finally yielding results.

I still can't really eat meat, which I'm okay with since it's been so long anyway. The pounds are gently gliding off in a healthy manner. I'm eating correctly and I'm getting back my self confidence.

Freaking finally.