Sunday, July 16, 2006

Tomorrow starts ...

In an act of Journaslism, tomorrow begins the "Social Experiment" for August. Tomorrow starts my creed to not drink unless there's going to be some action afterward - and to be specific action in the sexual sense.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bike, bike, bike.

I started dog sitting yesterday (as their whines beckon me from upstairs as I type) and wasn't able to hit the gym yesterday so I woke up early this morning, packed their little bodies into my car, dropped them off at my place and hussled to the gym.

The downside of my gym is that almost 80% of their client base is older people. The other downside? It's in Milwaukee and today it's 98 degrees in the shade which means old-person stench holds in every crevice.

I went to the library yesterday to check out another book since my workouts seem to be more intense and longer when I read. I picked up Everyone Worth Knowing, a book by the same author of Devil Wears Prada. I was slightly delighted that it wasn't as good as Devil since I read that one so quickly, but still good in the sense that it occupied my time.

I did 55 minutes on the bike to start, tanned for 20 minutes (skin cancer I know - but it makes me stay. I always arrange my appointment for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours from when I walk in) and bike for another 30, showered and headed home to check on the pups.

I know they desperately would like to frolic in the sun-forced weather outside the air conditioned walls; however, I'm afraid I'll pass out just walking out the front door. The ice-cold bottle of water I bought 2 blocks away from the gym was even luke-warm when I arrived. I know I'm being a baby compared to all you from the hot-zones that are competing with 100 plus degree weather - but I like my coolness.

Anyhow, the work out (according to the bike scale) was around 20 miles combined and about 250 calories. I justified eating a frozen, some what chocolate covered banana that one of my sister's kids (she owns and runs a day care) made and put in my freezer.

Now it's off to finding something that fits and is cool for this weather, packing up the pups and heading back to Tosa. At least in their own house they don't whine so much.

Weight today: A pathetic 178.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's today looking like?

I did an hour of cardio this morning and drank lots of water. I mean - I didn't even touch a soda, the worst thing I put in my system was a propel.

About 1:00 I wasn't just hungry - but starving. Knowing I would have baseball after work and then the gym again, I justified eating nachos.

I never actually play on our team, but the opposite team was short one girl so I got drafted over there. I actually enjoyed it alot - they were appreciative of my participation. Because I was catching for my team, I kept the cackling to a minimum and hoped my team would do the same. One little, and pardon this, bitch yells from the outfield while I was batting "Go our best player." Sarcastically as she hussles the outfield in. Hey guess what - I'm still on your god damn team.

I took the aggression back to the gym for 1/2 hour of weights and cardio. This morning the scale tipped in at 183, I'm hoping it tips below that tomorrow morning.

I'm sitting here hungry as a devil, but it's almost 10 so I don't want to eat - plus it'll be a bright and early morning tomorrow since I have to be to work by 8.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Worst cashier. Ever.

Not feeling too hot since I'm working out and watching my food/calories/etc and not losing, but gaining weight. This morning I over slept (see my regular blog for details - no, did not get any) and only worked out for 15 minutes. Then it was a co-workers birthday and feeling crappy about the weight gain I indulged - too much. My calorie intake today was easily around 3,000.

The good news is that I resisted the need to eat pizza at my networking event, but I did down a Mountain Dew - my 5th (yes 5TH!) soda of the day. I ducked out at 8:00 and headed to the gas station to get smokes.

I arrived at a very ghetto-like gas station, bullet proof glass and all. I walked up to the window and asked for my regular smokes and handed my credit card over.

He asked if I was really that person, I said it was - according to my ID and handed over my card. He informed me I was bigger than the picture. Heavier. Fatter. Did he really need to clarify all three adjectives to me? Shit. Bigger means all those things.

I was driving home, ready to cry. Nothing seems to be working. Everyone keeps saying, "It'll take time" I've been busting my butt for a month and gained 20 lbs. I thought about stopping for a drink, but the words kept echoing in my mind. I decided to go to the gym.

I pounded out an additional 55 minutes or 25 km/miles. How do you know which one the bike is registering at? I assumed KM and not miles which is about 15 miles. Then I went home.

I'm fed up. There is nothing to do but work out like crazy so starting tomorrow I'm back on routine. And no more soda. We'll see, won't we?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Starting Over ...

There's a reason why I haven't posted since May. I can blame it on the change of jobs, the losing my gym membership (got a deal through the last place I worked), the change of hours, etc. But the down and dirty truth is that I let myself go.

Sick of the view in the mirror, I got another membership at my old gym (1/2 hoping the hottie sales guy was still there, but he wasn't) - it was a sign I was doing the right thing, there was a "No contract, no joining fee" special and I got money off because of my new insurance policy - SCORE.

Every day for the past three weeks I have been watching what I was eating, consuming less alchol, doing weights, an hour of cardio (at least) six days a week trying to make a difference, but the scale keeps jumping in the wrong direction.

I'm praying for the fact that my Depo shot is finally wearing off and I'm bloated because I haven't gotten my period in a year and a half (no worries - haven't had sex in two years) and the people around me are believing that a year and a half of PMS is just starting to show for the reason why it's not peeling off, but I'm afraid that's all pseudo.

So I have started blogging again. As of today - my weight is 182. Sigh.