Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lack of posts ...

That shows my lack of enthusiasim for the gym regement I've been on for the last eight months. It's so easy to get discouraged when you go from losing five pounds easily to nothing over two months - well I'm back!

I've been going to the gym on limited time, discouraged by the lack of inches and numbers on the scale going down. I'm still going, doing mostly cardio and limited weights and I'm still sort-of watching my caloric intake. All and all I haven't been doing well though.

After a weekend of pigging out and deciding to sleep in on Monday morning, I encouraged myself to get up and go to a limited morning routine. This week is hectic, I'm booked almost every night - so it's important that I get up and at least get in my 15-20 cardio.

My plateau has been discouraging, but after research I found that if I switch up my routine and increase my protien intake (which is limited due to my limited funds) I may have better results. So lately I've been eating more chicken and peanut butter and less soups and salads hoping that the numbers go down.

Well, and I'm almost afraid to put this in print, my weight went down! This morning I was 152.5 - I weighed myself three times thinking that just couldn't be right! I'm sure I've lost a little bit of muscle since I'm not working out very much, but it was encouraging to see that some work is paying off. I have a peanut butter sandwich (on wheat bread) for breakfast and a chicken SmartOnes meal for lunch. I'm also trying to get more healthy dairy (yogurts & milk instead of cheeses) in my diet, hoping all this will pay off!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Taking a break ...

I took a break from the gym today, call it a mental health day or what not, but no gym for me.

Doing pretty good on the eating - I did sneak in two minature peppermint patties and a diet black cherry vanilla coke (o calories) as sweet treats and after all the hardwork for our pitch - one of our art directors bought coffee. I'm hacking all and all up to around 500 calories for this morning.

I ate 1/2 a cup of soup - totalling out around 90 calories and two apples (another 160) and some chicken from a frozen SmartOnes meal - but only the chicken. Just to be safe, I'm qualifing that at 100 calories instead of the 160 the box says. So ... that would be 850 thus far. Throw in a light dinner around 400 and perhaps a beer with it I'll be holding fast to my "not to exceed 1500 rule."