Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's August!

Weighed in yesterday. One scale said 160, one said 185. I was lifting weights trying to figure out why there was such a difference and thinking grandly that I preferred the scale in the woman's bathroom when two older gentleman talked about the scale's problems.

"Let's do a test" one said, grabbing (2) 25# weight from the Military press. They came back with giggles, the scale was exactly 25#s off, that's not that good for a gym to have, but at least I know my sources are right.

My eating habits the last two days are sure to have put on a couple pounds, not to mention that there's been too much going on with work to actually get to the gym, but I'm glad I'm down a bit.

The difference I've noticed? I'm wearing heels again, I don't know if my metabolism just kicked in or if it's right, but the weight is coming off better now that I've adopted my 4" back into my wardrobe. I wonder if it distributes better and that's the philosophy? I'm not postive, but in the mean time they aren't hiding away on my closet shelves anytime soon.

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