Thursday, May 04, 2006

The War of the Weight.

I've been managing to count everything pretty regularly.

Yesterday was a little odd - we were at an expo all day which meant concession foods and trade show booths handing out candy and cookies. I managed to stick with my Special K in the morning, a piece of pizza (just cheese) for lunch, one cookie (I'm human - couldn't resist!), a couple cheese fries during a client meeting and a salad for dinner. Grand total for the day 1400. Not the 1200 that I was aiming for ...

But today is a new day. Had my Special K for breakfast, will eat noodles and veggies for lunch (though I am ridiculously craving a ceasar wrap...) and for dinner will probably have a salad of some sorts. We'll count as the day goes on. So far - 150 calories.

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