Sunday, July 09, 2006

Starting Over ...

There's a reason why I haven't posted since May. I can blame it on the change of jobs, the losing my gym membership (got a deal through the last place I worked), the change of hours, etc. But the down and dirty truth is that I let myself go.

Sick of the view in the mirror, I got another membership at my old gym (1/2 hoping the hottie sales guy was still there, but he wasn't) - it was a sign I was doing the right thing, there was a "No contract, no joining fee" special and I got money off because of my new insurance policy - SCORE.

Every day for the past three weeks I have been watching what I was eating, consuming less alchol, doing weights, an hour of cardio (at least) six days a week trying to make a difference, but the scale keeps jumping in the wrong direction.

I'm praying for the fact that my Depo shot is finally wearing off and I'm bloated because I haven't gotten my period in a year and a half (no worries - haven't had sex in two years) and the people around me are believing that a year and a half of PMS is just starting to show for the reason why it's not peeling off, but I'm afraid that's all pseudo.

So I have started blogging again. As of today - my weight is 182. Sigh.

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