Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's today looking like?

I did an hour of cardio this morning and drank lots of water. I mean - I didn't even touch a soda, the worst thing I put in my system was a propel.

About 1:00 I wasn't just hungry - but starving. Knowing I would have baseball after work and then the gym again, I justified eating nachos.

I never actually play on our team, but the opposite team was short one girl so I got drafted over there. I actually enjoyed it alot - they were appreciative of my participation. Because I was catching for my team, I kept the cackling to a minimum and hoped my team would do the same. One little, and pardon this, bitch yells from the outfield while I was batting "Go our best player." Sarcastically as she hussles the outfield in. Hey guess what - I'm still on your god damn team.

I took the aggression back to the gym for 1/2 hour of weights and cardio. This morning the scale tipped in at 183, I'm hoping it tips below that tomorrow morning.

I'm sitting here hungry as a devil, but it's almost 10 so I don't want to eat - plus it'll be a bright and early morning tomorrow since I have to be to work by 8.

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Marste said...

Hey, I'm so glad you're back! I'd gotten out of the habit of checking in here, but yay! I can start checking again! :D (I promise not to use anymore exclamation points either. LOL)

Hey, if you're working out like crazy, are you sure you're eating ENOUGH? I know it goes against all laws of physics, but if I don't eat enough, my body starts gaining. It must be worried about the famine! LOL And sugar and alcohol pack the weight on my a$$ faster than anything else. (Which sucks, 'cause I really do like a glass of wine with dinner.)

Just a thought . . . :D