Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bike, bike, bike.

I started dog sitting yesterday (as their whines beckon me from upstairs as I type) and wasn't able to hit the gym yesterday so I woke up early this morning, packed their little bodies into my car, dropped them off at my place and hussled to the gym.

The downside of my gym is that almost 80% of their client base is older people. The other downside? It's in Milwaukee and today it's 98 degrees in the shade which means old-person stench holds in every crevice.

I went to the library yesterday to check out another book since my workouts seem to be more intense and longer when I read. I picked up Everyone Worth Knowing, a book by the same author of Devil Wears Prada. I was slightly delighted that it wasn't as good as Devil since I read that one so quickly, but still good in the sense that it occupied my time.

I did 55 minutes on the bike to start, tanned for 20 minutes (skin cancer I know - but it makes me stay. I always arrange my appointment for 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours from when I walk in) and bike for another 30, showered and headed home to check on the pups.

I know they desperately would like to frolic in the sun-forced weather outside the air conditioned walls; however, I'm afraid I'll pass out just walking out the front door. The ice-cold bottle of water I bought 2 blocks away from the gym was even luke-warm when I arrived. I know I'm being a baby compared to all you from the hot-zones that are competing with 100 plus degree weather - but I like my coolness.

Anyhow, the work out (according to the bike scale) was around 20 miles combined and about 250 calories. I justified eating a frozen, some what chocolate covered banana that one of my sister's kids (she owns and runs a day care) made and put in my freezer.

Now it's off to finding something that fits and is cool for this weather, packing up the pups and heading back to Tosa. At least in their own house they don't whine so much.

Weight today: A pathetic 178.

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