Wednesday, January 25, 2006

2/3 - New Goals and Inspirations

Weight: 154.75

How much to go? 14.75 - 19.75 lbs.

Weightloss: I went to the gym this morning with new determination. I've been slacking, and while it's a good time making up excuses, it's not accomplishing my goals. It's time for a bit of re-evaluation, I've been stuck in the 50s going on two months and it's time to break into the 40s!

New Goals:
1: Vegas countdown, 9 weeks. One pound a week - that's 9 lbs puts me in a bikini.
2: Summerfest countdown, 20 weeks. Let's be realistic, I'd like to say one pound continued after Vegas, but I'll falter. Therefore 20 weeks minus the Vegas goal is 9lbs. The remainder of 11 weeks, goal will be 1/2 a pound. That means 14.5 pounds in 20 weeks. Realistic, yes. .25lbs from high end of goal - even better. :)

Lifestyle: I could entertain you with the dirty details of my not-so-great night last night, or I could direct you to my other blog Single in the City . Lifestyle isn't the most fabulous right now, but I'm accepting my position in life.

Affirmation of the Day: I am fabulous, my shoulders are defined and check out my collar bone. Damn, I am sexy. Repeat ten times.

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