Wednesday, January 25, 2006

25 things about me that most 25 year olds can't say.

As inspired by "15 things you must do by the time your 30," I'm attempting to put together a list of things I've done that not alot of people can say. Some things are important and should be considered, some are just odd quarks to let you know a little bit about me. It's on-going right now, but just wanted to start getting it on paper (or computer screen - you know, whatever).

(1) I've traveled alone.
(2) I had a short stint as a soft-core porn photographer.
(3) I've been published in a coffee book for pictures that I've taken (not of porn).
(4) I've been a groupie for a band.
(5) I was the first to graduate from college in my immediate family.
(6) I've been engaged, and had the smarts to call it off.
(7) I can crotchet.
(8) I can't remember the real color of my hair.
(9) I've had sex at a ballpark.
(10) I've had three body piercings (see #4 for explanation)
(11) I've written over 100 articles for a pub I will some day publish.
(12) For one summer, I was the sh*t.

Good start. :)

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