Monday, January 30, 2006

Start of Three ...

I haven't been very fabulous lately, I've been very NOT fabulous. I'm going to try and go to the gym over lunch and again after work - after all we need to see where I'll be starting week three at - on the wagon, off it, underneath it's spinning wheels ...

I didn't over eat this weekend, so I'm hoping that's reflected on the scale when I get to the gym. My house is finally clean - now it's time to work on my desk and I'm going to put in some effort into finding a new job again (maybe one with a signing bonus).

The things I know I need to fix right now in my life are:

(1) MOVE OUT! I can't be independent in my dad's basement.
(2) Get financially somewhere, have a savings account.
(3) Look for a new job and get it - or the chance to get it.

I feel like if I can accomplish those three things, I can actually get on the road to feeling fabulous.

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