Friday, January 27, 2006


The inches made me very happy yesterday - gained 1 in the waste, stayed neutral in the chest but chucked two on the hips - so pretty good sign.

My knee throbbed this morning so I gave it a break from the AM workout - I plan on hitting the gym up after work though and getting in some kind of workout.

I'm chowing on a 600 calorie bagel right now, balanced out with an 80 calorie apple, I'm going to have to watch real close what else I consume today... for lunch I brought a SmartOnes 180 calorie shrimp marinara. Since it is the weekend, I'm going to try and stay around the 1500 mark today - but by lunch I'll have already chowed 940. Ouch.

I toyed with the idea of working out over lunch, but I'm more interested in getting out of here at a decent time tonight - so I'm not even going to pressure myself!

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