Friday, January 20, 2006

Seven Day Recap

Weight: 156

How much to go? 16 - 21 lbs.

Weightloss: So 7 days later I'm in the exact same spot. Nice to see that the weight yesterday was just a fluke though. Action plan for this weekend is LOTS of cardio on the hills and not TOO MANY pit stops at the lodges 1/2 way down the hill :). There won't be any posts since I will be in no where land, but wish me luck on progress!

This morning I got up nice and early! I headed to the gym, 18 minutes of cardio, the chest press, the shoulder press, the seated row, hip abductor, hip adductor and then finished off with another 10 minutes of cardio at level 8! I was so out of breathe it wasn't even funny!

Nothing to eat as of yet, but will be having an apple or two around noon and probably pit stop at a fast food place on the way up for lunch. I swear I will not eat anything deep fried! The nice thing is that my system does not like beef, so that keeps me away from greasy hamburgers!

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