Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day Seven/Afternoon

Weight: 158

How much to go? 19 - 22 lbs.

Weightloss: Okay, I went to the gym over lunch. I'm glad I did it, I feel better now - but it was limited time and I still stepped on that damn scale. That scale was not to happy with me apparently.

I shouldn't make excuses for my weight gain - but I'm going to anyway. I'm blaming it partly on the fact that I didn't weigh myself in the morning and mostly on the fact that I ate horrible yesterday - including drinking too much soda which I need to cut out (Diet Sprite my ass).

So shame on me! I will go back after work tomorrow. I will go tomorrow morning and I will go tomorrow afternoon before heading up to MI. :) That scale will NOT go up again!

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