Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Day Five/PM - Eek.

I'm not posting my PM weight because I knew better than to do it. You should always weigh yourself at the same time on a set day (again, bad on my part for recording it EVERY day).

Yeah me, though! I went to the gym after work after being blown off by Mr. D. 18 minutes, level 4 cardio. (4) reps of 25 at 40lbs on the chest press, (4) reps of 25 at 35lbs on the row, 100 crunches on the ab machine at 50lbs, (5) reps of 20 on the hip abductor and the same on the adductor and to reward myself, 8 minutes in the tanning bed.

Bad me also, I didn't eat that well today. I had 5 apples to curb my smoking but three pieces of pizza (no wonder the scale tipped) and then finished the night off with grilled zucchini at Outback, no butter but carmel glaze on the side which I LIGHTLY dipped. Good thing I'm not aware of the amount of calories in the pizza or the zucchini because I way over did it today.

Tomorrow is leagues and I'm NOT drinking more than one beer, I'm sticking to water. I'm also going to eat some healthy soup. :)

Let's hope I can wake up tomorrow and burn some of those calories off!

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