Friday, January 13, 2006

Day One - AM

Weight: 156

Measurements: I gotta buy a tape measure tonight.

How much to go? 16 - 20 lbs.

Weightloss: I admit it, weighing yourself every day is a horrible idea. Why? Because you go up/down throughout the day and it's easy to get discouraged, that's why I'll be positing measurements as well.

I went to the gym this morning, for some reason - I kept feeling like I was going to throw up, perhaps the old people smell that permeates the locker room at 5:30 in the morning. I sucked it up, did bike cardio for 20 minutes; (1) Rep of 15, (1) Rep of 20, (1) Rep of 25 on what I like to call the "Butt Machine;" and (3) Reps of 15 on the shoulder press - until I realized I was in a tank and didn't shave. My sore stomach over came me and I hopped into the shower to see if it would calm down.

Being that I'm single, I don't shave everyday in the winter like I do in the summer so I've dubbed Fridays my "hair removal" day at the gym. My gym has very nice water pressure, so I like to shower there - plus I don't feel so bad being in there for 1/2 hour and the hot water never runs out. I'm trying to dub at least three days a week at the gym something to inspire me to go - and this is Fridays.

So far I've had two apples to eat (small galas) and will probably have another two at lunch, since I forgot to bring mine or I'll stop at Metro and pick up a salad with dressing on the side.

Goal for the day: LEAVE WORK AT 5:00. I was there until 7:00 yesterday. If I leave at 5, I will go to the gym right after and book tomorrow morning for tanning. Now that it's winter, I'm limiting myself to tanning 1-2 times a week at only 10 minutes to maintain my tan.

Helpful Hint: I decided to do this starting 10 lbs ago. When you're 20 away from your goal, wear a bikini in the pool. Self concious? Do it when no one is around. This helps you get comfortable in the suit that you want to wear at your goal. I wear a tank over mine while in the "public" areas and skivvy it off right before entering. If there's a pool, do it once a week, if even to enjoy the hot tub and not to swim laps.

Fabulous to Note: I'm working on the whole mental thing, but one step at a time. I'm going to clean my place this weekend. The more unorganized I am, the worse I feel. The things I don't need, I'm going to pack in boxes to prepare to move out of my dad's house and into a place of my own. Right now, goal is to be out of there by July.

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