Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day Two/Week Two

Weight: 155.25

How much to go? 15.25 - 20.25 lbs.

Weightloss: So, better than I thought - though I was a bum this morning at the gym. The weekend led to a nasty fall on the ski hill which screwed up my knee cap pretty bad. The swelling is going down; however, the stiffness is still there. I managed to plug out 15 minutes at level two during cardio, 30 at 35 on the chest press and 50 at 50 on the ab machine. Not overly impressive, but something got done. I'm going to try and go back this afternoon and I signed up to tan at 6:05 to get in an evening work out. Tomorrow is league night, but I'm thinking of skipping it this week to work on a little more "me" things.

Lifestyle: During this weekend's rendevous, my older brother posed a question - "Do you have any friends? Dad and I were disussing that the other night." I said, "Of course I do. He complains I'm never home - where does he think I am? Sitting at a bar by myself?" Then he informed me there is a big difference between friends and drinking buddies. That got me thinking, all my "friend" encounters do revolve around drinking and I haven't been doing that lately, so I haven't been hanging out with my "friends" per say. I didn't let him know this - but really, all my true friends live out of state. Sad but true. So, my goal for the next couple of months is to establish a friend. The other thing that he brought up was the factor that most of my friends are male - males with whom I've occassionally made out with or had sex with. This brought up another good point in a lifestyle change I need to make.

Cleaning house: Yes, I did it. I started cleaning, there's a lot of garbage I have to take out - but it's getting there. I also did a hellauv a lot of laundry. Still, with the piles of clean clothes in the basket, I managed to wear a stained shirt today. That's what I get for picking out clothes at dawn. So, the next goal is to finish cleaning and to save time in the AM, pick out my clothes for the next day the day before.

Time to eat an apple!

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