Monday, January 23, 2006

Week One Done. The Start of Week Two.

This is already a horrible start. I was up all night contemplating how I might come up with a couple grand quick so that I might move out of my dad's place and work on the mental health thing. I didn't do the gym all weekend because I was in the U.P of Michigan skiing (which is good cardio) - but then there was all that junk food and the delicious coffee drinks with Baileys in them.

I came home to a note from my wonderful father which promptly said that he thinks it's great that I'm taking care of my body; however, it's his house and my place needs to get clean - I also need to get rid of one of my cats. This didn't do much for the whole self esteem and I've been craving a sympathy, greasy chicken sandwich with mozzeralla sticks and a big fat jug of martinis all day.

I replied to his note with one of my own (how incredibly juvenile of me, but still): Dad - A couple of things ... (1) You are right, I will clean tonight straight after work without going to the gym. (2) Fine. Get rid of my cat. You do it. (3) We need to talk rent. (4) But we will not talk at all today.

I've decided that I simply cannot get ahead in my finances with the rent he charges me (the point of me sucking it up and moving home to begin with) especially if he goes about my supposed "place" as much as he does. We need to come to an agreement that I pay less - now I'm not talking 1/2 of what I do now - I'm talking about the original amount that was agreed to when I moved in. My rent jumped as the weeks got closer to me moving in, having no other option at the end (since I had already left my lease) I just accepted it. It started off at $250, then the week before it was $300, then two days AFTER I moved in it was $350 and now it is $425. I know that seems like a low amount, but I don't get free food or any other perks you remember when you lived with your parents - I get him in my place all the time. With student loan repayments, it will take me 7 months to save if I do not get another job and I will have to be home all the time, which will lead to continued talk of me having no friends and being told I'm home too much. If I do get another job, he will yell that I am not home enough - but I will only have to endure him for a mere three months - of course, this cuts back on my gym routine and will no doubt add to how tired I am in the morning.

With that said, I'm glad I'm headed home tonight and that I don't have food in my fridge. The big battle of the bulge will be fighting the McD's and Taco Bells and Arbys and Wendys and Kopps and Burger Kings, etc on the way home. I'm sure I've gone up (my bigger jeans are fitting perfectly around my hips today) and I have to fight the urge to end the first week with a gain.

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